A Short But Important Message

Two new scientific studies came out stating that the ice in the West Antarctic is melting much faster than expected.  How can anyone not believe what all the best and brightest scientific minds and research are saying?  Climate change is real and it’s happening. There should be very little doubt about this now.  I think the issue may be that if you accept the facts then you need to be part of the solution and not the problem – or maybe people don’t think they can make a difference.  However you can.  Every little bit helps.  Do what you can in your life to help….recycle, turn in your car/SUV or van for a hybrid or electric car and drive less, eat less meat, buy organic and grass-fed whenever possible. Start a garden and grow your own herbs and vegetables.  Buy natural cleaning and household products or make your own.  Bring your own reusable bags to the supermarket.  When you purchase a home think whether or not you need such a big house.  Big houses mean big utility use and a drain on the grid and the environment.  Try not to build something new.  Get creative and renovate an older home – install solar panels and get off the grid completely! Don’t use anything made from Styrofoam or plastic.  These are all things that will make an impact if every person does something.  If we don’t start thinking with a “we” attitude and not a “me” attitude it will be our demise.  We created this problem and we owe it to future generations – and the planet which has given us so much – to solve it.climate change, hybrid, environment, plastic, styrofoam, solar