Attachments & Change

My husband and I recently made a decision to sell our house in Maplewood, NJ. I was telling a friend the news and something she said really made me think. She asked “are you sad to leave your house?” It was a great question and made me think about the attachments we have to our possessions. Thankfully we don’t have to leave our house as so many in these difficult times are facing. We’ve made a conscious decision to simplify and move to a different town that we have loved for a long time. We put a lot of love into our home and now someone else will take care of it and love it as we did. My husband read me an article once that a home has many occupants so no one ever really owns it. All those who have lived there prior and after also own it so I guess you could say we all just borrow it for a time. If you are faced with a difficult situation and have to vacate your home that may be something to remember. Even though it is not the best circumstance try to think about all the great memories and the ones that you will continue to create wherever you go. As the song goes “a house is not a home”. A house is a structure made from wood. A home is anyplace where your loved ones are that makes you feel peaceful and happy.

Buddha said that attachment to things brings great suffering. If you can’t let go and realize that change is inevitable in life you will feel distressed. Things are just that..things. I can’t tell you how I have loved giving away so much “stuff” and getting rid of furniture and anything that we don’t “need”. I have also given away some sentimental things since memories are in my heart and not in objects. I have never been one for knick knacks or collectibles so it is probably easier for me than most. It’s very sad to see people on TV that have problems with hoarding. If you know anyone like that try to encourage them to seek professional help as hoarding is a much deeper problem.

So am I sad to leave my house? The answer is “no because wherever my husband and three cats are is home. Home is in your heart so you can never really leave it”.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said Maria…..Home is definitely where you are loved and feel safe……for me it has been in the homes of my sisters and of my friends and even in a hotel room on a much needed vacation….but my favorite home is where my animals are…… sweet smelling dog breath in my face in the morning is absolute heaven 🙂

    The only time I am sad to leave a home and move on to the next chapter in my life is when the memories of a loved one who is no longer with me is jarred by the surroundings of that home…….the way they looked in your kitchen while you were cooking or opening up Xmas gifts near the fire place…..I can sometimes still hear and see (in my mind) my mother giving me orders on how to “CORRECTLY” clean and season the holiday fish……..These are the moments that are hard to move away from……

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