Going Hybrid..My Two Cents About Climate Change

Unfortunately climate change has become a “take sides” political debate. When this happens all reason goes out the window and scientific facts about global warming (and cooling) get skewed. This is sad since no one will deny that the weather is changing and not for the better. Mother Nature seems very angry with us (as she should be). That being said my husband and I just bought our first Hybrid. It feels so good to think that we are doing something to help the environment until America goes solar and wind! For those of you that have thought about buying a hybrid even if you don’t believe in climate change…how about getting 50 miles to the gallon and only filling your tank once every two weeks!

It always puzzled me as to why Americans are so defensive about this topic. All we are being asked to do is conserve and be mindful of resources. Then it dawned on me. I think this strikes a nerve since we have been sold a bill of goods that “bigger means successful” and “more is better” and everyone drank the kool-aid. However the result of that mentality was millions of Americans in debt and facing foreclosing and people are being forced to change. Maybe “less is more”, “love and be thankful for what you have” and “respect nature” will become the new American slogans. Remember if insects disappeared from the earth the planet would cease to exist but if human beings disappeared the planet would flourish so we need nature. In addition, why has wanting to conserve become the enemy? What is so wrong with conserving energy, changing some lightbulbs, recycling and being less wasteful? Even if each one of us stopped using the paper cups at work for coffee and brought our own mugs (something I just started doing since I realized how wasteful I was being). If we want our children and future generations to live better than us it should mean cleaner air, food that isn’t contaminated with pesticides, greener safer homes without toxins, and places left where you can still ski and ice skate in the winter….sounds like a better world to me!



  1. “This is sad since no one will deny that the weather is changing and not for the better”

    I will deny that, I think the weather is changing for the better, because if it changes for the worse we are heading into the next glaciation. I think the weather has been getting better since the last glaciation, around 20k years ago.


  2. Changing for the better? Where is your evidence of that? The last twenty years were the hottest in over 200 years. Today is November 15th and I walked 2 miles to work in a short sleeve shirt. The ice caps are melting, polar bears are dying. Temperatures in parts of Alaska, Canada and Russia have risen at twice the global average. Extreme weather occurrence such as hurricanes, wildfires, Tsunamis and heat waves are becoming a common occurrence. We can keep our heads in the sand and ignore the scientists around the globe. I realize that saying there is a problem means that we ALL have to be part of the solution and that takes real commitment and some sacrifice.