Healer of the Month!

After attending my wellness networking group meeting this week… http://www.hwpn.org/ (shameless plug!) I decided that when I meet someone who is a special giving human being, I am going to blog about him/her. So consider this my “hero of the month segment”!

We all have those moments where we may lose faith in human beings. The greed that has clouded people’s judgment and made them lose their way in this current economic climate can make us forget that there are many wonderful people doing wonderful service for others. I met one of these people and his name is Dr. John D’Ambrosio but you can call him John! When I arrived at the meeting last week I was complaining to a friend about the horrible pain in my back that started earlier that day. Whenever I took a breath, I was in pain. John had just arrived and heard my conversation. We had only met briefly at another meeting. He immediately offered to do an adjustment on my back. I told him I didn’t like being cracked so being sensitive to my cowardice he offered another solution. Wow, a doctor that actually listens to you! He proceeded to work on my neck with some stretching. I got up and felt great…the pain had subsided. I felt so great and relaxed that during the meeting I felt like going to sleep!! He also said that it was probably stress. I have just left my job after 17 years (that’s another blog entry) and am on a new path. As thrilled as I am, venturing out to create a whole new career is exhilarating but overwhelming at the same time. John then started telling me about his practice. He and another Chiropractor named Louis (they liked to be called by their first names…..compassionate, good listeners and no ego….it just keeps getting better!) have an office on West 72nd Street in Manhattan. They are principled chiropractors with a conscience. They accept all patients regardless of finances. Your first visit is $20 and you can pay a monthly fee up to $119 and go as many times as you like. They also accept insurance but for those who don’t have any it is more than affordable. It was apparent to me that their mission and purpose is to help people. On the card John gave me, it says “It is our philosophy that we take care of Gods people and God takes care of us.” In addition, the very next day, he sent me a really thoughtful email explaining the role of a chiropractor. Here is some of what he wrote and why I have such admiration for him and his work:

“Principled chiropractors see you as a body, mind and spirit and we work to unite the three. The person that you are, that your friends laugh with, love, cry with is the same part that will leave when you leave this earth. That’s your spirit, and it lives within your nervous system. Back in the old days chiropractors were called quacks because someone would be on their death bed with stage 4 cancer or heart disease and as a last resort someone would call in a chiropractor. That person would get adjusted and start coming back to life.The chiropractor didn’t cure that person – a chiropractor can only cure themselves. Chiropractic doesn’t cure cancer or even neck or back pain, but what it does do is allows your spirit-innate intelligence-life force-nerve energy to flow unimpeded and more powerfully so true healing can take place.The other cool thing is that chiropractors work directly with the nervous system. Every single disease is first patterned or blueprinted within your nervous system. God forbid you get diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, you didn’t get that cancer today or yesterday or last week or last month. That pattern was in your nervous system 10-15 years ago. Now, if you come in and get adjusted and your back pain goes away, great. But what if that adjustment breaks up an aberrant nerve pattern or blueprint that was in there that determined that you would get cancer or something in 10 years? Can you put a price on that? So, chiropractic isn’t about neck or back pain, but about adding 10, 20, 30 quality years to your life. The power of chiropractic doesn’t lie in one adjustment, but repeated adjustments over time, preferably weekly, which allows for the constant flow of healing energy.”

What a beautiful explanation and it makes so much sense. If all doctors and healers were this giving, we wouldn’t have a broken healthcare system. We have always heard that we should treat others with respect and they way we ourselves want to be treated but our real purpose is to be of service to one another unselfishly and that is what John and Louis are doing.

Here is their contact info:
John & Louis, D.C
155 West 72nd Street
Suite 205
New York, NY