Moving On……..

Hi all!
I am happy to be blogging again! My husband and I moved into our new home a few weeks ago. It was a long and stressful process since we needed to replace the oil tank of the home we were selling. I am sure some of you have experienced the paperwork, approvals and red tape if you live in New Jersey. It certainly tests your patience and tolerance. Moving day was a little sad. We lived in our home in Maplewood NJ for 11 wonderful happy years. We had wonderful neighbors who we will be lifetime friends and loved the town but it was time to move on. Change is good as it moves you to the next place you are supposed to be and keeps us growing and evolving as human beings. We left our house in the hands of a lovely couple with a sweet little boy and we hope they will be as happy there as we were. Moving from the home I was born in was a different experience and much harder. My parents had built that house and my grandparents lived with us. When we moved my father and both grandparents had already passed and on moving day I remember sitting in my empty bedroom on the floor as all those wonderful memories flashed through my head. After a good cry it was time to leave. The house belonged to someone else but my memories didn’t. They moved with me and I can access them anytime. As I had mentioned in a previous article a house doesn’t really belong to anyone…we all just pass through. So onward to the new journey…let the renovations begin!