New Thoughts for the New Year

I wanted to share some insight as we reflect at this special time of year and prepare to move into a new year. I believe we really learn something when it is presented to us over and over again. There are patterns I see when I deal with clients and everyone I help teaches me something I need to know. That being said, I think we all know that you can’t change anyone. Change must come from within. It starts with a desire which is a great start but then the real work needs to begin. If you don’t take steps to create whatever it is you want to manifest in your life, then it won’t happen. In working with people I have noticed that you can give someone all the information to succeed but if they don’t take it to the next level they are still at the starting point. Many of us post sayings and quotes on facebook and other social network outlets that we like and read books to enlighten us but if you don’t apply the wisdom to your life it’s just words. Much of life in America has become a bumper sticker or sound bite. Actions do speak louder than words so this is something to think about. As we approach a new year take some time for reflection. Take an objective look at yourself and ask yourself questions such as, do I practice what I preach? What do I need to change and what have I done to make those changes happen? Am I happy? If not, what would make me happy? Do I treat others with loving kindness and compassion? Is any of my behavior destructive and why do I behave that way? These are a good start. If you want to be reflective and ponder these questions then meditation or just sitting in silence every day is very helpful to achieve this. It helps clear your mind and gets you in touch with your soul.
Happy Holidays and Peace, Love & Fulfillment in the New Year!