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Welcome to the Holistic Root.

This site is devoted to your wellness. I'd like to travel with you on your journey of good health and show you what I've learned along my wellness journey of the past 20 years.

For so long we were told that doctors took care of our bodies and our minds, and religious practice took care of our spirit in three isolated worlds. We now know that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected and function as one. The truth is you cannot separate your emotions from your disease and your disease from your emotions. You can cure a disease but if you don’t heal the root cause or emotional component you cannot fully recover, and likely your problems will re-occur.

Eastern traditions believe that illness first starts in our mind from our thoughts. It then looks at our surroundings and our connection to nature and our soul. When we lose those connections we experience imbalance. The holistic model of medicine provides various methods to get to the root cause of your problem. The human body wants to be well and has the wisdom to heal itself and wants balance.

When I wrote my book about managing anxiety it came from my own experience and started me on this journey of 20 years to explore all the ways we can give our bodies the tools it needs to be healthy. Whether it’s through spirituality, herbs, aromatherapy, mediation, yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, shamanism, sound therapy, energy healing and nutrition, or by eating the best whole unprocessed natural food we can. With an open mind, a nurturing hand, time and care, many illnesses can be treated more naturally and effectively.

And speaking of aromatherapy: I will soon be teaching an aromatherapy certification course which comes after years of being an aromatherapist, then studying further to become a Clinical Aromatherapist. My custom blended essential oils target specific issues whether it be physical or emotional. You can email me directly if there is an issue you would like me to address and blend an oil for. My mission is to help you live a happier, healthier, greener life!

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