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Welcome to The Holistic Root and to your journey of wellness and good health!

Eastern traditions believe that illness begins from our thoughts, our surroundings, and our connection to nature and our soul. When we lose these connections, we experience imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. To stay balanced, the holistic model of medicine provides various methods that can heal the root cause of the problem. Internally the human body has the wisdom and yearns to be well and have balance.

Since the beginning of time we have been told, that doctors take care of our body and mind, while religious practices take care of our spirit and spiritual needs. We now understand that this is not true. The truth is that the mind, body and spirit are interconnected and function as one.  It is impossible to separate emotions from disease and disease from emotions. While a disease can be cured, to fully recover, we have to heal the root cause of the emotional component that has manifested the disease.

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